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About us

The mission of Katie Jayne Tutors is to help young people achieve consistently high standards of work with a view to enabling a life-long love of learning in all areas of life.

Katie Gaida

Founder and Chief Executive

A qualified teacher and the Founder of Katie Jayne Tutors, Katie Gaida received her degree in English and Psychology before completing her Post Graduate Certificate of Education at the University of Exeter.

Previously Head of Lower School for an International School in Austria, Katie has worked with families from all over the world throughout her teaching career. Not only has she taught in several countries, but she has also taught in both the state and independent sector here in the U.K, giving her a depth of knowledge and understanding of the education system which supersedes many. She is an experienced private tutor and has been recognized in many circles as the ‘go to’ person to provide quality, qualified tutors.

Katie herself moved schools fairly frequently as a child and was fortunate to attend both state and independent schools, mixed and single sex. She has first-hand experience of the challenges faced by our young people not only with regards to the academic side of schooling but also the social. This is where her passion to cater for the ‘whole child’ comes into play.

Her natural capacity for empathy and strong interpersonal skills enable her to engage with both children and adults alike. She is someone that parents and children can truly rely on to help, support and advise. Katie’s experience of teaching and tutoring children in both U.K and International settings enables her to have first-hand knowledge of the best way to support families on their tutoring journey and ensures that each journey is tailored towards the needs of each individual child and that each tutor is a perfect fit for each family.




Working in both the private and public sectors Shelley has gained a wealth of skills and experience that complement her organisational instinct.  She is a great communicator who builds relationships easily and is driven by making a positive impact on those she works with and for.

Shelley has worked in administration for the last 5 years including running her own business with her husband. She has provided support for various businesses covering a variety of functions including minute-taking for senior team meetings, transcription, document formatting and spreadsheet management. Previously Shelley undertook a Level 3 teaching assistant qualification and volunteered as a TA in a local school.

Shelley is also a mother to two young children, so understands the importance of a child’s educational journey.

Clawdia Winklecat

Office Secretary

Clawdia’s daily tasks mostly involve sleeping in the most inconvenient office spaces possible. She thoroughly enjoys chasing papers as they come out of the printer and walking all over computer keyboards whilst people are trying to work. However, with her wisdom and her friendly nature she is a wonderful addition to the team.


Vision Statement

At Katie Jayne Tutoring we have a vision to inspire as many children as possible to flourish academically and socially through excellent and innovative education in order to help create a positive difference in their lives and to develop a life-long love of learning.



We pride ourselves on ensuring that each child has a suitably qualified and exceptional, experienced teacher who is up to date with any curriculum changes and is an expert in the field.

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