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What are the Best Educational Games?

It’s the start of the holidays and you have already run out of patience with your children. How will you manage to get through the next few days and weeks without a multitude of arguments and doors slamming? Well…. There once was a time (long ago!) when families actually had to sit together and ‘bond’ […]

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How can we support our children’s health and wellbeing?

Well how about through sport? As National School Sports Week kicks of this week, the Youth Sport Trust states that ‘many young people are missing outon the life-changing benefits of sport and play that would improve their health and wellbeing and equip them with the skills to thrive’.

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What can you do to support your child’s mental health? 

Mental health. These two words seem to be appearing more and more frequently when discussing our children. Schools are appreciating the importance, parents are becoming wiser. So what exactly should we be doing to help improve a child’s mental health? There are many suggestions out there but I have selected five which I believe are […]

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Fuelling your child’s brain for school

This week we have our guest blogger for Katie Jayne Tutors, Clare Jeffries from Healthy Influence talking to us about fuelling your child’s brain for school…

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