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Empowering parents with the knowledge to make informed school and university placements.

School Placements

We provide support and advice for pupils changing schools and/or curriculums. Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most difficult decisions to make. With our expert team we aim to work together to find a suitable school to match your child’s academic and social needs. At Katie Jayne Tutors we are there to support families through the whole process of interviews, viewings and preparation for exams if applicable.


University Placements

Choosing the right university is a tough decision, especially if you are located in a different country to the university you wish to apply for. Each university and each course is different and students require different things. Research is key and Katie Jayne Tutors has the right people on hand to help with applications to UK based universities. From help with personal statements, further information about specific courses and university applications we are here to provide assistance in all areas.


Our Team

Our diverse team of experts offer parents both from the UK and around the world advice in all areas of education. We offer parents support and guidance with making the right choices at all stages of education.  We work closely with families at every stage of their academic journey, from nursery and pre-prep, to senior school and University placement. We see our role as that of enabling parents so they feel confident that they are making informed, objective decisions about the right school or university for both their child and their family as a whole.  

Our business is built on the quality and integrity of our people. With close links to former Head’s of Schools and senior figures within the education industry we are proud to offer expert advice that puts your child at the centre of the process.

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Subject Choices

Whether you need further information about subjects to take at GCSE or A- Level or ideas about degrees, Katie Jayne Tutors is able to provide each client with an outline of each subject and the syllabus required. A personal tutor will be on hand to discuss any issues and queries as well as to assess each child and set realistic ambitions.


School Overview

Have you decided on a certain number of schools that you think might be suitable for your child but have no idea which would be the best? Why not contact us and we can provide you with a written summary of key information about the schools you are looking into.