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We pride ourselves on ensuring that each child has a suitably qualified and exceptional, experienced teacher who is up to date with any curriculum changes and is an expert in the field.

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Katie Jayne Tutors operates a highly selective vetting and screening procedure when recruiting new tutors to ensure that our clients and students are provided with one-to-one tuition of the highest quality. In line with client demand, current, retired or ex-teachers of core academic subjects from EYFS to Key Stage 5 and with considerable experience of one to one tuition are preferred. A proven track record in school entrance examination or scholarship coaching, or SEN experience and/or qualifications are also advantageous. Please only apply if you have QTS.

All tutors must be UK residents and have the right to live and work in the UK.

To apply to become a Katie Jayne Tutor please complete our on-line application formTop of Form

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