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We carefully select each and every tutor based on their qualifications, teaching experience, dedication and passion for their preferred subject.

Our Team

Our team is made up of over 60 fantastic fully-qualified Primary, Secondary and SEN teachers.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that each child has a suitably qualified and exceptional, experienced teacher who is up to date with any curriculum changes and is an expert in the field. Lessons are usually held in your house. It eases any travel you may need to do and we find it works really well for children to focus and feel comfortable in their home environment.

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Home Schooling

There are numerous reasons why people may choose home education and Katie Jayne Tutors is here to assist and provide support for those families.

As the Home Education Guidelines state: “Education is compulsory, schooling is not.” Whether it is a long term or a short-term plan of action, we offer tutors who are available to provide daily support that is fully tailored to each individual’s needs. In depth consultations would be required before a tutor is appointed in order to provide an appropriate home schooling programme in line with any official examinations.

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Core Values

At Katie Jayne Tutors we have an unwavering belief in each students’ potential. We truly believe that every student holds the innate potential to achieve their goals. We encourage the potential of everyone we work with, we support each of our students and team and ensure best practice is adopted. As a team we are continually learning and improving.

At Katie Jayne Tutors we recognise that people working together can create a much greater impact. That is why we encourage a strong partnership between clients, students and our team. We also collaborate with a variety of other organisations in order to help us reflect, grow and deepen knowledge.

Katie Jayne Tutors success has only been possible through an ongoing commitment to learn, grow and strive for excellence in everything we do. Self-reflection and an earnest desire to continually improve is an integral component of every level of the organisation. We ensure we have evidence-based results to back up our commitment to provide excellence.

In order to offer an environment that stimulates and inspires, we continuously explore and develop new ways of working. This includes investing in team training and resources and implementing new methods of teaching and learning in order to help our students achieve their full potential.

Outstanding Standards
We are here to make a positive difference to the lives of young people. Our rigorous recruitment process enables us to build an excellent and dedicated team who share our vision. They deliver exceptional lessons to help each individual child achieve personal success. Our commitment to engagement with parents means that we continually strive to understand and meet the needs of our parents.

Achieving excellence requires that we all take responsibility for our role in the success of students and our staff. We work together as a wider team to actively empower our students towards success.


Online Tutoring

Stress-free tuition that fits into your busy schedule!

Convenient online one-to-one lessons tailored to your child with one of our qualified teachers.

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