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Senior Blog – 10th September 2020

Welcome to the Katie Jayne Tutors Senior Blog Issue Number 14

What a week! Last week was one of the most eagerly anticipated returns to school that we have seen in our many years of working within education. How fantastic was it to get back into the classroom and to see all of your classmates? We have heard tales of tears and laughter, of relief and joy at the return to the place that we often call our second home.

We want to keep you on top of relevant topics and to help you with your schoolwork, whilst also remembering to have fun along the way. It may be time for you to start your UCAS application or to start an extended essay or course work. Over the coming weeks, we can give a little guidance that will help in your endeavours.

We hope that the Autumn term is a great one for all of you. Time to get back to some normality, to look forward.

Join us every two weeks. We hope to keep you interested and enthused!


Great Job!

Well done all of you….. you have managed to get back to school and college as seamlessly as you managed to transition to being educated at home six months ago. This shows true resilience and strength of character. Young adults have an amazing aptitude for change, often managing this more effectively than those older in years. Our teachers have been telling us stories of the grit and determination that they have seen throughout the senior year groups. Even when your exams were cancelled, your grades were chosen by an algorithm and your access to human contact was removed, you have all come through and are facing the new academic year with a renewed vigour and a keenness to get started.

We applaud you, your parents applaud you – enjoy the term to come and make the most of the new skills you have learned during lockdown.

A Day In The Life Of…

How about becoming a dentist?

University is a great choice for anyone choosing to embark on a career as a Dentist.

You’ll need to complete a 5-year degree in dentistry approved by the General Dental Council, followed by 1 to 2 years of postgraduate dental training.

The University Clinical Aptitude Test or BioMedical Admissions Test is sometimes a prerequisite to gaining access to the course. This will test the skills that you will need on the course like critical thinking, problem solving, data analysis, communication and scientific knowledge. You’ll also need to have good hand-eye coordination and excellent communication skills to explain treatments to patients.

An upper second class degree in Biology, Chemistry or a biomedical subject will bypass a year of the dentistry degree making it four years.

There’s a lot of competition for places at dental schools.

Entry requirements

You’ll usually need:

3 A levels, usually at grades AAA to ABB, including Chemistry and Biology.

What else will I need?

An enhanced DBS check is important as you will be working closely with children and some vulnerable adults in a clinical environment.

Where can I find out more?

The General Dental Council is a great resource for anyone wanting to become a dentist.

The British Dental Association can provide a whole range of helpful information to you at the start and throughout your career as a dentist.

Career Opportunities

As a dentist in general practice, you could go on to become a partner in the practice or set up your own practice.

As a consultant, you’ll often find work opportunities in the private sector.

With experience you could lead a team, or manage a unit or department.

If you are interested in teaching and training students, you could follow this route.


Not exactly a competition, but a chance for you to get your work published; a huge achievement for any budding young writer!

If you love writing and you love films, this could be the opportunity you have been looking for. To find out how you can get published with Film Stories Junior just carry on reading.

How can I write for Film Stories Junior?

Film Stories Junior is available to writers aged between six and sixteen. Their monthly magazine has opportunity at its heart. Twenty-five freelance writers per issue are used in the creation of the magazine and, wait for it… every one of them gets paid for their work. The magazine likes to choose writers that have not been published previously and so gives at least two debut writers a shot each issue.

Film Stories Junior states: “We fundamentally believe in the value of words and writing, and have seen the confidence boost that getting paid writing work can give”.

Here is their contact address,  just give them an idea of what you’d like to write about. Please don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear from them, they struggle to fit everyone in.

They are looking for a smattering of reviews, they are after people who might want to interview filmmakers for the magazine or have feature ideas (what do you love about cinema? What’s your favourite film? Do you have any stories about watching movies with your friends? Have you got opinion on how people behave in the cinema?).

Will I get paid?

Yes! Everybody who writes for Film Stories Junior will be paid, via a book token or gift voucher for their local cinema.

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For those Yoga addicts out there, join Adriene with her party session. Twenty-eight minutes of pure fun on the yoga mat.

Or how about trying out Boot Camp with 360…..


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