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Senior Blog 1st August 2021

It has been far too long since we were in touch last…

We hope you have all been well and looking after yourselves. Three weeks into the summer holidays and there is so much to pack in. I am sure many of you will be off on a staycation or spending time with family and friends. We have a few ideas in our Activities as to what you can get up to over the next few weeks, some educational and some totally fun!

We have our usual competition to get involved in (but be quick as the deadline is the 6th August), bat walks to take part in and our media and gadget chart.

We never let bad weather put us off, ‘there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing!’

So we give you some ideas on what to do in all weathers.

Whatever you do this summer, have fun and enjoy time with your friends or family.

Enjoy and see you next time!


P.S Take a look back across previous Senior Blogs to give you extra ideas of fun things to get up to.

I have gone totally batty!

It is true, I really have…

Bats are amazing creatures and live all around us, hiding away during the day and only coming out at dusk to feed on flies and moths. With sonar to find their way around, they bounce sounds to gauge distances – undoubtedly very clever indeed.

The fun facts below are supplied by The Bat Conservation Trust

Bat species use echolocation to navigate and hunt for insects in the dark.

Bats are the only true flying mammals in the world.

A tiny pipistrelle can eat up to 3,000 insects in a night.

Things we get from bat-adapted plants include dates, vanilla, bananas, breadfruit, guavas, Iroko timber, balsa wood, sisal, Tequila and chewing gum!

Bats are more closely related to humans than they are to mice.

The majority of the world’s bats eat insects – just like British bats. In the tropics, bats also eat foods like fruit, flowers, frogs, fish, blood, even other bats.

Bats usually only have one baby a year and can live for up to 30 years.

Those of you that live near Holland Park can take advantage of a free Bat Walk on September 8th – hurry spaces are limited  – click here to find out more. Or for an Eco Champion Bat Walk in Epping, find out more on their FB page. 

Further walks are taking place all over London and at a location near you, join a walk and enjoy the experience…

Competition Time

Do you love creating?

Ever thought you would see your own drawn character in print? Here is a chance in a lifetime – have a go at entering this brilliant competition to create your own alien to be included in Pugs In Space! The top three winners will be included in the comic and all entries will be featured in the honours board too.

To submit your entry, email: chloe@pugsinspace.co.uk along with your alien’s name and back story (if it has one). You have until the 6th of August to make the best alien. Go create and good luck!

Enter here 

Violence against Women and Girls strategy

The Government has set up a new strategy to help protect women and girls to feel safe on Britain’s streets. If you are interested in finding out more information, you can take a survey produced by the Government to shape how and what that protection needs to look like. Click on the link below to take the survey or send your thoughts to the address or email below. If you have experienced any type of violence it is important to speak to someone, a parent, a friend, a trusted member of staff at school like your Child Protection Officer or a member of the police force. If  you need counselling connected to any type of violence you can find a recognised and qualified counsellor here. 

Our own resident counsellor Cathy Coombs has helped many teenagers and young adults come to terms and cope with violence against them. She can be found at Surrey Counselling Centre.

Survey link

Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy call for evidence

Home Office
Interpersonal Abuse Unit
Violence Against Women and Girls Team
5th Floor, Fry Building
2 Marsham Street

Email: VAWGStrategy2021@homeoffice.gov.uk

Media and Gadget Chart


Mini portable projector 


Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits No1


Black Widow – Natasha Romanoff uncovers the mysteries of her past in Marvel Studios’ Black Widow out in cinemas and on Disney+

Loki – on Disney +


Regular items...

Feel the Burn

Here are some tips for kids that want to get fit:

Encourage parents and friends to get involved with you to do a variety of age-appropriate activities or group activities like rounders, soft ball, basket ball etc.

Set a regular schedule for physical activity. Choose a regular slot each week so everyone knows when they need to be free.

Make being active a part of daily life. Fit a dog walk into your day or plan a short daily workout at lunchtime.

Encourage  your whole family to embrace a healthier lifestyle, so you’ll be a positive role model for your family.

Keep it fun, so everyone will come back for more.

Choose a hero – like Tom Dean Olympic swimmer or Dame Kelly Holmes. Read up about their regimes and how they got to where they are today, nothing like a great story to help and inspire you!!!





Take a stroll out with your camera and create a photographic memory book of what you did in Summer 2021.

Pick up a London bus and hop on and off across London at various stops – grab a bus timetable and route – choosing your favourite destinations…e.g. Tooley Street, Princess Diana’s Park, Regent Street, Jack the Ripper territory in White Chapel.

Follow the Peter Pan route around Princess Diana’s Park.

Go white water rafting at the Olympic village.

Enjoy a cycle ride around the Velodrome – Olympic village.

Join a beach clean up party.

Download the Geocache App and follow a fun route and some unexpected surprises along the way.

Festival of lights at the local National Trust site.

Join the Merry Harriers and walk Llamas.

WhatsApp your friends and take a ball down to the local park for a quick game of footy/frisbee.

Escape rooms with your bubble.

Camping in the garden with your friends.

Ask permission to set up your TV outside in the garden for a fun, cinema experience.

Drive through cinema – see sites across London.

So much to do and not enough time to do it in…