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Senior Blog: 24th September 2020

Welcome to the Katie Jayne Tutoring Senior Blog, Issue Number 15.

We had so much to squeeze into this edition of the Senior blog that there was not quite room for everything, but we hope you find this week’s competition fun! Hopefully it will get you excited about creating and if you love writing songs, this is the competition for you.

We also have an insight into ‘friendships’, looking at how they can weather the Covid-19 separation and how to make the most of them and to keep connected.

If you would like to write a short article for our blog, please get in touch. We would like to encourage our students to take this opportunity. If you are interested please email: info@katiejayne.co.uk.

Have a good few weeks and see you next time.



Ten great tips for keeping in touch with your friends and showing that you care:

  1. Nobody knows your friends better than you. Think about what your friend needs from you and try to be there for them.

2. You could start a trend of how you keep in touch, say Zooming every Saturday lunchtime…. and then stick to it.

3. Regularly remind your friends that you think about them by messaging them or giving them a quick phone call or even just texting a smiley face emoji.

4. Tell your friends why they are special and why their friendship is special to you.

5. Talk about the future and make plans. Just because we might be going into a second lockdown it doesn’t mean you cannot plan for the future.

6. Pay attention to the details so when you next message or speak to your friend you can show you care.

7. Share things about yourself. It is always good to have someone to talk to and by you sharing, your friend will also feel happy to open up to you too.

8. Try to remember important dates. Is there a family celebration or birthday to ask about?

9. Be there when your friend is having a down day…. nobody wants a fair-weather friend.

10. Taking time out to go the extra mile will always stick in your friend’s mind. Feeling supported by a friend stays with you for life, helping your friendship to last.

With a second lockdown on the horizon, be kind, be supportive and be there….

Katie Jayne

Katie Jayne’s Interesting Fact.

Pupils in the UK spend 4.9 hours a week doing homework.

It is estimated that around 27% of boys and 39% of girls skip breakfast some or all of the time… (We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we hope that you have a hearty one and help lower the statistics!)

Teach someone. …the best way to revise and to remember something is to teach someone else.

Thought For The Week

Try these helpful tips to get you started on your songwriting journey.

Try writing a song title. Then write a list of things that you feel are connected with your song title, this will help you to build the verse and the chorus. Find a melody that works well with your lyrics. You can find melodies online for free that will help you. When you feel as though you have a rough outline, try recording your song. It really helps to hear your song played back to you.


Major opportunities await you in 2020 if you love to write. Take a browse through the different categories offered by the UK Songwriting Contest. Prizes on offer include a record deal and the Songwriting Challenge will really put you to task asking you to create a new lyric to a world famous song written by the Beatles. Or perhaps you feel that your writing skills might be better suited in the Crisis Song category. There is an unfinished song category too and with over 30 categories to choose from we are sure that you will find something to suit you.

The entry form is right here -so what are you waiting for??

Have fun and don’t forget to let us know how you get on.



Regular items...

Media Charts


Bill & Ted Face the Music

Bringing harmony to the universe is all that matters when the ruler of the future tells best friends Bill and Ted they must compose a new song to save life as we know it. Bill and Ted decide to steal a song from their older selves by travelling to the future… Comedy and music rolled into one. PG


Pink Floyd legend Nick Mason battling Ava Max for Official Albums Chart Number 1. For those of you too young to remember Pink Floyd the first time around, give ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ a listen.


Doodlelens is a fun one. It won’t teach you anything or improve your brain but just doodle something and then point your phone’s camera at the doodle from within the app, and you can copy it and paste it on top of the world around you in augmented reality. You may not even use it very often. This will definitely make you smile, and at £1.89 that is not bad.

Feel The Burn

Safe Teens exercise is a great place to learn about how to look after yourself, take a look.

Educational Activities


Amazon Prime customers can take advantage of free book downloads.  Go to their site, log in and search. You will find many book titles to choose from.


Learn a little about the Thames river.

Start to learn how to use Google Earth, helping with geography, astronomy and the globe.

Environmental Studies

Watch this twelve minute video about plastics.