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Senior Blog: Thursday 21st January 2021

Welcome to the Katie Jayne Tutors Senior Blog Issue Number 24.

There are some really interesting days of note that we wanted to highlight to you this week: Sugar Awareness Week and Celebrit-teas run by the Samaritans, both of these national awareness days are of great relevance to your age group. Have a read and find out why.

Also this week we are doing a shout out to any budding writer who would like to ‘give an article a go’ . Find out how below.

Squirrels feature this week, as it is Squirrel Appreciation day today. We were not sure how to show a squirrel that you appreciate them, so we took a look at the National Wildlife Federation and the Interactive Centre for Research into Squirrels.

Some fab sport and exercise challenges in ‘Feel the Burn’ this week. Take a look.

Hope that you are all taking care and we shall see you next time.


Sugar Awareness Week

I was interested in why it is so important to cut back on sugar and the best place to start with my research was the Action on Sugar website (www.actionsugar.org). Action on Sugar’s Awareness Week runs from the 18th – 24th Jan and the 10th -16th May 2021. The site looks at the food industry and government’s progress so far in the battle against sugar, and its place in the government’s Childhood Obesity Plan. Excessive sugar can have a harmful effect on health and it is crucial to start thinking about this at a young age to help to provide awareness.

The UK government recommends that we reduce our sugar intakes to around  7 teaspoons/cubes for an average adult. This is the equivalent of a small glass of fruit juice and a flavoured yoghurt per day. The recommendation for children is 6 sugar cubes for children aged 7-11 years and 5 sugar cubes for children aged 4-6 years. There is no guideline limit for children under the age of 4, but it is recommended they avoid sugar-sweetened drinks and food with sugar added to it.

Lowering sugar levels will help you to avoid tooth decay, avoid becoming overweight and avoid medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Within the guidelines given out regarding the intake of sugar, it is also highlighted that children aged 5-18 and adults should increase their intake of fibre, so how about this week try to add a wholegrain breakfast cereal or some porridge, unsalted nuts. If your parents make a lovely chilli con carne they could add extra kidney beans too…






Monday 18th, was Brew Monday where celebrit-teas joined thousands of people coming together for a cuppa, a chat and to banish the winter blues. Brew Monday’s new report shows that young people aged 16 to 24 and younger, report feeling lonely more often than older age groups. This day is to inspire you to reach out to someone, let them know that you feel may be feeling lonely and together we can help tackle what can be a source of anguish and upset for those suffering. This excellent idea was brought about after the Samaritans carried out research with school age children. Watch their domino effect video here.

If you know anyone who is lonely and does not have anyone to talk to they can call the Samaritans on 116 123.

Squirrels are literally nuts…

but in the nicest possible way! We did our research and discovered that the very comical squirrel plants a lot of seeds and nuts, digs up previously planted ones, and aerates your lawn with holes all at the same time. Their chattering, tail-flicking, and treetop acrobatics keep us all entertained.

Squirrels are extremely intelligent, they can use previous experiences to solve problems of the present day. Squirrels are practical, when you put worse quality food in the squirrel feeder than in the bird feeder, they will use the latter. While burying the seeds, some squirrels use a ‘special tactic’ to protect their caches from others. They pretend to bury a seed in a place, leaving it in fact empty.

Squirrels use their intelligence also in fighting predators. Some squirrel species build many nests and move (often with their young) to confuse the predator. Take a read of the research that has shown that squirrels are far smarter than most people realise.

We took at look at the National Squirrel Federation and the Interactive Centre for Research into Squirrels and we found some great ideas on how to interact with your own garden squirrels. You can appreciate squirrels and still put them through their paces. Sign your local squirrels up to the Animal Olympics by creating an obstacle course. The Squirrels will always try to reach your birdseed, even if it is in a squirrel proof bird feeder. Set up a set of ropes or branches that lead to your bird feeder and then watch as your little darling squirrels make their way to the food source, this could be very entertaining. Do you need some inspiration? Try using your washing line to attach some small homemade monkey bars too, just like the ones you see at the park or in the gym.

Squirrels have amazing jumping abilities, mostly due to the fact that if they do fall and land on the ground their bones do not crack in the same way ours would, so they tend to just jump back up and continue with their naughtiness.  Squirrels can jump 10 times the length of their bodies.

We feel as though we know our little furry friends much better than we did before…


Katie Jayne’s Interesting Facts

Did you know that squirrels greet family members by cuddling up to each others’ cheeks? They use their tails as blankets in winter and as signal flags to communicate whenever they want. But the best bit, I think, is that they use them as parachutes if they fall.

Thought For The Week

Why not keep a camera at the ready so that you can capture some great action photographs of your squirrels. You may even decide that you have a good enough photograph to enter into the National History Museums Young Photographer of the Year !!! Take a look here at some of the entrants from previous years and see how to apply for the next competition later in the year.

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Regular items...

Feel The Burn

Recovering from Covid… exercises to help you get well on the way to recovery. Sport England provide tips for you, family and friends during the period after a bout of Covid.


Time Outdoors has plenty of excellent challenges for  you if you would like to motivate yourself to exercise more.


Media & Gadget Charts


Wonder Woman 1984

Zak and Deborah Snyder star in Wonder Woman 1984 based on the Wonder Woman series but taking Wonder Woman into 1984 and living quietly among mortals. 1984 well known for its excess’s and motivated by the pursuit of having everything. Though Diana (Wonder Woman) has her full power, she keeps a low profile performing heroic acts under cover, but that soon changes when Diana has to take on the Cheetah, a villainess who possesses superhuman strength and agility.


Olivia Rodrigo – Driving License


The Y Brush seems to be other earthly with its claim to clean teeth in 10 seconds…Yes you did read that correctly. With brushes to fit onto the inside and outside of your teeth at the same time, the gadget claims to take the time out of brushing.

Educational Activity

Calling all budding writers…

We are looking for any children aged 11-18 years who feel that they may have a penchant for writing, a natural ability or a love of scribbling the written word. Please do get in touch with us.

Why not pick a topic you are truly interested in, do some more research on the subject, perhaps get a different viewpoint on the subject and then start to put pen to paper. If  you are happy with your article send it to us – how fab would it be to see your writing utilised in a professional capacity. Good luck and go for it!