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Senior Blog: 18th June 2020

Welcome to Issue Number 8 of the Katie Jayne Tutors Senior Blog.

Thank you for joining us for another week. It has been a week full of rain and thunderstorms, not really what we had in mind for the middle of June. We hope that the rain has not stopped you getting out and about, especially now that lock down restrictions are being eased slightly with the introduction of support bubbles and the ability to meet with five people at a 2 metre distance in the open air. Perhaps for you that means that you can now see your grandparent or a family member that does not normally live in your house or maybe you have been able to see 5 friends together at your house whilst sitting socially distanced in the garden. The joy of being face to face with each other and all being able to speak at the same time and still be able to hear each other is wonderful! Unlike on recent Zoom calls that I have had where we all have to wait until one person has finished speaking before others can chip in.

The highlight of my week was being able to cuddle my Mum after not having done so for over three months, this was quite emotional. I hope your experience of getting back to a little normality has been a good one. Please write in and tell us about your own experiences, we would love to hear your tales.

Thinking about gaining your wings? This week we look at ‘A Day in the Life of a Pilot’, whilst our competition ramps up with the BBC’s Young Reporter Of The Year. Take a look and get involved.

We hope you enjoy the read. Thanks for joining us.


Competition – Young Reporter Award

Ever thought about trying your hand at journalism? If so, take a look at the ‘BBC Young Reporter Of The Year’, a celebration of emerging journalistic talent.

In its third year, the Young Reporter Award is dedicated to finding and inspiring ambitious reporters from across the United Kingdom.

More than 2,000 young people around the UK submitted powerful original stories for the contest last year and more than 30 of them were given the opportunity to report on their story for the BBC.

The competition is an opportunity for 11-18 year-olds to tell their unique stories on TV, radio, online or on social media with the help of BBC journalists, producers and programme-makers.

In addition to national winners, last year’s competition included local stories chosen by regional judging panels, across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The entries were judged by BBC editors, journalists and presenters.

So if you think that you have an interesting story and the ability to go and report it, why not keep an eye out for the release of the 2021 Awards.

Career Aspirations

The minimum entry qualifications required to train as a pilot are five GCSE’s and two A-level’s, although a degree may help you to stand out amongst the competition. Math and Physics degrees would provide you with an advantage.

It is now possible to gain a BA in Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training.

An Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL) is a necessary prerequisite, and in order to retain their licence, pilots are required to pass certain exams every six months.

Other options are:

A university course

Applying directly to an airline company

A trainee scheme

Specialist courses run by private training organisations

You could do a university degree in air transport or aviation, which includes commercial pilot training with an approved flight training organisation.

To start a course, you’ll need:

A levels or equivalent qualifications

A minimum of a Class 2 medical certificate

To be aged over 18

You’ll need to apply for the higher level Class 1 medical certificate during your course to get your Commercial Pilot’s Licence. If you wish, you can apply for the Class 1 certificate before your course starts.

University courses lead to a ‘frozen’ Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). This allows you to apply to airlines to work as a co-pilot and build up the necessary flying hours to become an airline captain.

As well as standard university fees, you will need to fund the flight training part of your course. Universities can advise you about this.

Entry requirements

You will usually need:

2 to 3 A levels, or equivalent, or a degree.

Pilot Qualities

In terms of technical ability, standards are very high. But passion and enthusiasm is essential. Passion and motivation is needed to excel during the demanding training programme. A cool head under pressure is a must, and you need the ability to solve complex problems using verbal and mathematical reasoning. You’ll also be a great team player, with the potential to lead by example in creating amazing experiences for everyone on board.


‘A Day in the Life of a Pilot’

Cadet Programme Options

British Airways have always supported flying careers of the future and enjoy encouraging a diverse range of talent to the flightdeck. British Airways have preferred flying schools and tag Cadets post ground school and Post Airline Qualification Course (AQC). For more information you can contact the flight school career teams for further information.

CAE Oxford
FTE Jerez
L3 Harris Commercial Aviation

Many airlines have a Newly Qualified Pilot Pathway for both Integrated and Modular students to apply to regardless of which Flight School you have chosen to train with.

Pilot salaries vary according to employer, experience and the type of aircraft being flown but can range from £35,000 up to £110,000.

More information can be found at the Civil Aviation Authority website or the International Air Transport Association.

Click on this link to look inside A Day In The Life Of A Pilot.

Katie Jayne’s Interesting Fact

Did you know that Katie Jayne Tutors will be running a Summer School? The Summer School will be available for all of our current pupils to sign up to. The extra summer sessions will allow children the chance to catch up on topics that they feel they need support with. Sessions will be run by our enthusiastic teachers in most of the core subjects. If you are interested in joining us, have a chat with your family and get in touch with us at: info@katiejayne.co.uk


Thought For The Week

Now that the Government have eased our lock down restrictions, you could organise a socially distanced walk with up to five of your friends, or a catch up in your back garden. Check in with your parents first to make sure that they agree, as you may have a member of the family who is shielding, always best to check with your parents. If you do decide to meet up with friends, we would love to hear how it goes and perhaps you could send us some pictures of  you and your friends together enjoying each others company.

Regular items...

Media Chart 

The top releases are…..

Films and Series

‘Feel The Beat’ is a new movie out on Netflix hitting the screens on June 19th. Feel The Beat follows a selfish Broadway dancer as she fails to make it big, but on her journey discovers that she can teach. Taking on a troupe of young dancers she coaches them through rehearsals to enter a major dance competition…. unexpectedly finding enjoyment and a passion for teaching and even love.


Twenty One Pilots are at Number 3 in the chart with their song ‘Level Of Concern’. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande remain at Number 1 with ‘Rain On Me’.


Buffer is a new social media app which allows you to manage and publish your social media from just one place. The App is free to download.

Feel The Burn 

Burn calories, lose weight and feel great with this 10-minute home cardio workout routine for aerobic fitness. 


Educational Activities


Why Maths Is Our Real Sixth Sense – TedTalk byEddie Woo

IT Free Courses

Build on your existing IT knowledge for home or the workplace with this FREE online Level 2 qualification.

Digital Training with Google

Learn about creating a social media strategies.

How long is it? Up to 1 hour Who is it for? Aspiring social media marketers. What will I learn? – Starting social media platforms for businesses – Building social media strategy based on business goals – Defining a set of brand guidelines for a business on social media.


Jayne Eyre at the National Theatre. Look at how movement is used on stage and how the costumes were designed.


Learning about melody with the BBC.