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Junior Blog: 15th June 2020

Welcome to Katie Jayne Tutors Junior blog! Issue Number 8.

We thought we should remind you all that it is Father’s Day on Sunday 21st June, not this Sunday but the Sunday after…… Just enough time for you to make or buy a card and a gift. But what to get? We have done a little digging and have discovered a few really lovely items, see this week’s feature; have these ideas on us!

Some of us may not be able to see our Father on Father’s Day, but there is still the opportunity to choose someone in your life that is a strong male role model and tell them how supportive they have been to you throughout the year. It is always nice to get a thank you!

Other items this week include another fab competition for you to get involved in and our usual look at ‘Cook’s Corner’ and a great way to make your ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ fun. We hope you find lots to do this week, let us know if you have tried something new, read a new book, created a great piece of artwork or saw something that made you smile. Ask your parents to email us at info@katiejayne.co.uk to let us know all about it.

Have a great week and we will see you next time!


How about creating a film for your Dad? We thought about pulling together all of the films, short videos and photographs that we wanted to include in our short film and then added them into our iPhone. It is so easy now to create a short film, even if you have never created one before. Our short film was just three minutes long and took us about half an hour. Get creative! You could always ask for help or there are helpful hints online; take a look at ‘How to Make a Movie’.

Positive Thinking, Smiles and Laughter, Senior Moments or Health and Fitness quotes all in a jar. Handmade jars containing a unique quote for every day of the month, also comes with its own beautiful gift box. A gift that keeps on giving day after day. You could always make your own jar and fill it with personalised quotes; things that your Dad says all the time, or family jokes that make you all laugh. Your Dad will love having something that he can use each day and that has been made by you.

A great tip we picked up from the Money Saving Expert website was that Scribbler are offering 33% off of Fathers Day cards with the MSE special code and you could also download a voucher which you create for your Dad offering him the chance to have a meal cooked for him, for you to carryout one of his chores or for you both to spend time together; make it personal to you and to your Dad. Click this link to get the downloadable voucher.

Whatever you decide to do for your Father we hope that you have a wonderful day on Sunday 21st June, may the sun shine.

This week we decided that we should tell you about a challenge rather than a competition. On the 5th June, The Reading Agency launched its Summer Reading Challenge. The Summer Reading Challenge 2020 invites you to join the Silly Squad on a new adventure by setting your own personal reading challenge to complete this summer. You can create a free profile to keep track of the books you read, reviews, and all of the special rewards that you can unlock along the way. You’ll also find heaps of super silly activities, quizzes, videos, games and more to keep you entertained at home.

This year’s Challenge runs from June to September, so there is plenty of time to take part and get silly this summer.



There are some really great people involved with the Summer Reading Challenge:

Laura Dockrill with her new poem ‘ My Mums Growing Down’

Gabrielle Kent, game designer and author reads from her book ‘Knights and Bikes’

‘Bunnies on The Bus’ author Philip Ardagh and many more.

So why not get involved? You can go to the Sillysquad website or you can follow the Summer Reading Challenge on your parents Facebook account. This is a really great way to read more and try out some new activities.

Katie Jayne’s Interesting Fact

Some tornadoes can be faster than Formula One race cars!

There are 2,000 thunderstorms on Earth every minute.

Rain contains Vitamin B12.

Walt Disney started sketching regularly when he was just four years old.

After landing in Ireland after her first solo Atlantic flight, a farmer asked Amelia Earhart where she was from. When she said America, he almost didn’t believe her!

The world’s longest French fry is 34-inches long.

The strawberry is the only fruit that bears seeds on the outside.

Carrots weren’t always orange… they were once exclusively purple.

Apples float because they are one quarter air!

Venus spins clockwise. It’s the only planet that does!



Thought For The Week

Why not try making our Hearty Breakfast for your Dad on Sunday 21st. Follow the guidelines in Cook’s Corner to make Father’s Day breakfast special. You could start asking your Dad subtle questions about what his favourite breakfast is so that you can prepare.

Regular items...

Cook’s Corner

Father’s Day Breakfast

Does your Dad like bacon and eggs, or does he prefer muesli or yoghurt. Why not try making him a nutritious breakfast to set him up for the day? If you need any help ask your older siblings or your Mum.

You will need:

Bacon and eggs



Baked Beans


Tomatoes cut in half

Tea or coffee




Start off by placing your bacon under the grill.

Wash and slice your mushrooms, placing them in a pan to cook until slightly browned.

In your frying pan add your tomatoes which have been sliced in half.

Open your baked bean tin, and pour the beans into a saucepan, cook until bubbling.

Once the bacon looks slightly browned add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to a frying pan, once heated start to break your eggs into a frying pan, keep an eye on these until cooked to your Dad’s liking.

Place the bread in the toaster, once toasted butter and place on a plate.

All of your items should now be cooking and ready to plate up. Very carefully add all of the items onto the plate. You may want to take the breakfast to your Dad in bed, if so you will need a tray. Don’t forget to put the tomato sauce and salt and pepper on the tray, along with his favourite drink, perhaps a cup of tea or coffee and some juice. We are sure your Dad will love this great start to his day.

Walk on The Wild Side

To spice up your walk this week, how about asking your friends to place their favourite toy in their front window, then when you walk around your neighbourhood try to see each of the toys, make a list and then when you get home you can tell your friends if you spotted their toy and tell them what it was.

If there are a few of you why not set a time and day then when you are out on your walks you will be able to see each from a distance and wave to each other.

Educational Activities


Horrible Histories creator Greg Jenner tells the story of Mansa Musa, ruler of the Marley Empire and the richest man alive 700 years ago. You may need to sign in when you click on the link, you just need to add the name of your parents and their email address to access lots of educational and fun podcasts.


Listen to the Infinite Monkey Cage podcast with Science buffs Brian Cox and Robin Ince as they talk about Black Holes.


Amazing animals looks at the salt water crocodile in this National Geographic short film.

KS2 French

Find out how to follow directions with this short film.


How to create a sentence. Follow the KS2 English advice.