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Senior Blog Thursday 11th June

Welcome to Issue number 7 of the KJ Tutors Senior Blog!

We wanted to remind you that it will be Father’s Day in a couple of weeks time on Sunday 21st June. Just enough time for you to make or buy a card and order a gift. But what to get? We have done a little digging and have discovered a few really lovely items, see this week’s feature; have these ideas on us!

For those of us that are not able to see our Father’s, why not treat your Grandpa or your male role model with a thank you for all of the things that they do for you year round.

Other items this week include: our usual look at the ‘Day in the Life of’ focusing on Accountancy, The World Photography Competition starts in July this year so don’t miss it and of course our Media Charts, Feel The Burn and Educational Activities.

Hopefully there is plenty here to keep you busy. Have a great week and we shall see you next time!


Chloe and Caroline at Smith and Webb wanted to design an ethical and stylish brand that would also enable them to support mental health and anti-bullying charities, two causes very close to their hearts.  £5 from the sale of each item sold is going to good causes regardless of profits. They started with the idea of reinventing the charity t-shirt with sustainability and longevity at the forefront of their ethos. Creating a business where kindness stared from the ground up. Made from organic cotton, produced in fair wear factories and printed in the UK. Why not get your Dad a pair of logo joggers for £35.00 or a ‘Be Kind’ T – Shirt for £28.00?

How about creating a film for your Dad? We thought about pulling together all of the films, short videos and photographs that we wanted to include in our short film and then added them into our iPhone. It is so easy now to create a short film, even if you have never created one before. Our short film was just three minutes long and took us about half an hour. Get creative! You could always ask for help or there are helpful hints online; take a look at ‘How to Make a Movie’.

Positive Thinking, Smiles and Laughter, Senior Moments or Health and Fitness quotes all in a jar. Handmade jars containing a unique quote for every day of the month, also comes with its own beautiful gift box. A gift that keeps on giving day after day. You could always make your own jar and fill it with personalised quotes; things that your Dad says all the time, or family jokes that make you all laugh. Your Dad will love having something that he can use each day and that has been made by you.

A great tip we picked up from the Money Saving Expert website was that Scribbler are offering 33% off of Fathers Day cards with the MSE special code and you could also download a voucher which you create for your Dad offering him the chance to have a meal cooked for him, for you to carryout one of his chores or for you both to spend time together; make it personal to you and to your Dad. Click this link to get the downloadable voucher.

Whatever you decide to do for your Father we hope that you have a wonderful day on Sunday 21st June, may the sun shine.


‘A Day in the Life of an Accountant’

Before you delve into the worlds of the Banking & Finance industries, you might want to know what a day in the life of an Accountant actually entails.

AAT qualified Accountants talked through their daily work routine – a day in the life of an Accountant from first thing in the morning, right through until leaving the office. Just click here.

The type of jobs you could expect to do once you graduate:

Company Secretary

Graduate Finance Assistant

Accounts Assistant / Assistant Bookkeeper

Finance / Accounting Graduate Scheme

Client Accountant

Corporate Tax Assistant

Payroll Specialist

Finance sector jobs can be fast paced and dynamic, giving you the opportunity to learn and progress.


Career Aspirations

You will need the following qualifications to start your journey to becoming an Accountant:

For most routes you will need at least five GCSE’s (or equivalent Level 2 qualifications) including Math and English Language at grade 4/C or above.

You do not need a degree to do accountancy, though in some areas it is desirable. You do not need to have taken specific BTECs or A levels, though Maths and Economics are considered advantageous. There are a range of different qualifications you can take to become an Accountant. The AAT qualification is the minimal level of qualification required for most kinds of accountancy. You can then choose to take higher level qualifications like the ACA, ACCA or CIMA, which will allow you to become a Chartered Accountant.

Essential qualifications

AAT (foundation qualification)




Desirable qualifications

A level Maths

A level Economics

BTEC Business Studies

You could also consider an apprenticeship as a starting point.

With thoughts of becoming an Accountant we thought you may find the following links very useful; Cash Class for Teens,  Why Become An Accountant, Association of Accounting Technicians



The 2021 Professional, Open, Student and Youth competitions open on 1 July, 2020.

Best single images by emerging photographers aged between 12-19 years-old.

Free to enter and open to all 12-19 year-olds, asked to submit single images taken in 2020.

New format for 2021: Monthly competitions with a changing theme running from June 1st  to December 31st, 2021.

Photographers can enter up to three single images per month.

Judges will select up to 10 images per month, including one winner.

All the judges monthly picks will compete to be named Youth Photographer of the Year.

The Youth competition is a great way to get noticed as a young photographer and rewards the next generation of talent. Judges are looking for fresh approaches to photography and images showing the vision of the young photographer. Give it a go, take a look at the World Photography Organisation Website for more details.

Good luck!

Katie Jayne’s Interesting Fact:

This week I thought I would share some interesting facts about teenagers, you may read these and understand why you sometimes feel the way you do.

Separate teens from their mobile phones and they get sleepy. An Intel Science Talent Search finalist, locked 150 of her peers in a room removing their mobile phones, more than 50% of them drifted off to sleep…

42% of teens can text with their eyes closed. …

Teens can grow so fast, they’re brains can’t keep up. …

Risk-taking teen? …Teens make risky decisions because their brains are programmed that way. An MRI scan shows that a teenager’s prefrontal cortex works much harder than those of an adult’s and making it difficult for them to decide if a situation is dangerous or not.


Thought of the Week:

Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Giving it your all, trying again is key to success.



Regular items...

Media Chart

The top releases are…!

Films & Series

Artemis Fowl was released on May 29th and stars Ferdia Shaw, Judi Dench, Lara McDonnell, Josh Gad and Nikesh Patel.

It’s been so long since the Artemis Fowl books came out that we’ve kind of forgotten the plot, but this trailer will help those of you scratching  your brain to remember the story line. We can’t wait to see Dame Judi Dench as the controlling Commander Root.



The legendary Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande released their new single ‘Rain On Me’. Wonderful choreography by Richy Jackson and intergalactic costumes  designed by Laura Pulice.


Autodesk Sketchbook for the impressive creation of art for teenagers serious about art.



Feel the Burn


We have mentioned Strava, the fitness app, in one of our previous blogs and wanted to mention it again because we have been blown away by how much it has motivated members of our team. The social aspect of being able to follow your friends to see what challenges they are taking on, the logging of km, routes taken, photographs you can add, calories counted and points earned have all made for a great fitness regime, we even received some free gifts for exercising when we built up points. Hopefully you have downloaded the app and have been using it, but if not do give it a go and get cracking with your next workout.



Education Activity

English GCSE – Short film about language and structure.

Biology KS3 – What are living organisms. 

Sticking with the theme of taking on a career as an Accountant, why not try out this free course for Bookeeping for Business & Personal Accounting ?

GCSE Business – exam techniques – Short video about Introduction and State vs Outline.